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Avoid these 4 mistakes while Defining Success Metrics in Product Interviews

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It is very important for a product manager to define success metrics and track them at every stage of the product and feature lifecycle. Merely defining those success metrics and tracking doesn’t make sense if you can’t make sense out of those metrics.

Let’s say we are going to define success metrics for a new feature in Youtube. In an interview setting we have define user persona, pain points and solutions and now we are going to define success metrics.
we have define these 2 metrics.

Metric 1 : Daily Active Users

Metric 2 : % change in Daily active users for demography (X) in geography (Y)

Which metric you should state in interview setting Metric 1 vs Metric 2?

Stating metric 2 will signal the interviewer that you are aware about the context and have a great presence of mind.



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