Building Myntra for Bharat, We Myntra Tech Launched Vernacular Search!!

Shailesh Sharma
3 min readApr 27


Author: Shailesh Sharma
Search Product Manager Myntra Tech

We are extremely pleased to announce that, now you can search on Myntra in 11 Different Regional Languages as well as in Hinglish too.

Myntra goes Vernacular to cater next set of users

As India moves towards digitalization, it is becoming increasingly important to cater to the vast and diverse linguistic backgrounds of its people. With more than 22 official languages, India is a country that speaks a variety of tongues. As a Search product manager for Myntra, I am excited to introduce our new feature — Vernacular Search.

Vernacular Search, in simple terms, is the ability to search for products in the language that the customer is most comfortable with. It is an innovative feature that allows users to search for products using their native language, rather than being forced to use English or any other language.

For many people in India, English is not their first language. They may struggle to understand or read English fluently, making it difficult to navigate an e-commerce platform that is primarily designed in English. Vernacular Search addresses this issue by enabling customers to search for products using the language they are most comfortable with. This feature bridges the language gap and allows customers to shop seamlessly without any language barriers.

The need for Vernacular Search in India’s e-commerce industry is immense. India is the second-largest internet user in the world, with over 600 million active internet users, but only a small percentage of these users can read and write in English fluently. This language barrier creates a massive challenge for e-commerce platforms to tap into this potential market. By introducing Vernacular Search, we are providing access to a massive untapped customer base, enhancing their shopping experience and breaking down language barriers.

Why Myntra goes for Vernacular Search?

Vernacular Search has several benefits that can help us in improving customer satisfaction and retention. Firstly, it improves the user experience for our customers. They can now search for products/Brands using their native language, making it easier and more convenient for them. This feature increases the comfort level of our customers, making their shopping experience more enjoyable, and ultimately, increasing the chances of them returning to our platform.

Secondly, at Myntra we have seen that people are searching in their Native languages. These search query on the platform is continuously increasing with time as more and more people from tier3+ have also started shopping online. So this is helping customers who shop on e-commerce platforms in India are from rural areas, and English is not their first language. With Vernacular Search, we are catering to this specific customer persona, which is essential for increasing our customer base and the future growth of the platform.

The Way Forward

The implementation of Vernacular Search on the Myntra platform is just the first step towards providing a seamless shopping experience for all our customers. Going forward, we plan to introduce more features to enhance the shopping experience further.

In conclusion, the introduction of Vernacular Search is a significant step forward in the e-commerce industry in India. By catering to the vast linguistic diversity in the country, we are providing access to a broader customer base, breaking down language barriers, and enhancing customer satisfaction. This feature aligns with our mission to provide an inclusive and seamless shopping experience to all our customers.



Shailesh Sharma