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How would you make users feel less guilty about using Instagram while also increasing revenue?

Shailesh Sharma


This answer is to give you a directional sense of how can you think about this, this is not a full-fledged solution. Please do comment the full solution.

Top RCA Question Asked in Product Management Interview

  1. YouTube buffering has increased by 10%. How would you go about this?
  2. YouTube Watch Time is down by 5%. How would you go about this?
  3. The number of Trips on Uber has reduced by 10%. How would you go about this?
  4. Open Rate of Amazon Notifications was down by 20%. How would you go about this?
  5. Engagement on Netflix is down by 5%, How would you go about this?
  6. The response rate of LinkedIn Messages is Down by 5%, How would you go about this?
  7. Amazon Marketplace Orders are down by 6% Week on Week on the Platform. Diagnose this?
  8. Google Pay has seen a 15% drop in Rewards Redemption on the Platform, Diagnose this?
  9. Zomato has seen a 10% drop in engagement in User Generated Content on the Platform, Diagnose this?

What’s the Goal of the Problem?

Goal: To make users feel less guilty and also Increase Revenue

Why people are feeling guilty using it?

Because they are spending too much time via endless scrolling without adding any value.

What are the two options?

  1. Restrict the Users from endless scrolling and protect their time [Against their Uber Goal of average time spent on the platform and will affect the Revenue Negatively]
  2. Adding Value to User’s Time [Will Recommend]

How Instagram can add value to User’s Time?

It would be tricky as the user behaviour while doing endless browsing on Instagram will not be very focused. The user would probably be very lazy or start browsing Instagram in their leisure but end up screwing a lot of time on the platform. So the goal is to make valuable content easily accessible to the user which should also hold the user’s retention or Average view time of the Reel.

How can we do that?

  1. Easy Discoverability of Such Content: Currently Instagram has a lot of creators across the domain who are creating valuable content and also holding up user engagement for example Finance with Sharan who has revolutionised this type of content industry. So the content is there but making it more discoverable is the goal here. So building an App in App kind of Construct where users can easily switch to Informative Content and an in-store Navigator which will make it easy for users to discover such content or the creators would be powerful, we can also have Pill Filters. Now the question is about supply. why Content Creators will create it because Instagram kind of makes sure to have higher ad revenue for such educational or informative content.
  2. High User Relevance of Such Content: High Personalisation based on browsing or taking explicit input on an interesting topic.
  3. Enable Creator to make Content Engaging: Quiz Questions at the end, Polls at the end of the shorts, Engaging community where questions of the Day etc etc.

How would it increase Revenue?

  1. Many a time, valuable content comes up with some Merch like ebooks, Courses, etc. Because here the content creator will generate leads. So Instagram can provide a platform where users can pay and download the E-book, courses etc and take a commission out of it.
  2. Because it’s Educational Content, can charge high Costs from Advertisers given the fact that we have to give extra revenue to the content creator as well but still Instagram will end up making more.

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