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Top 15 FAANG Product Interview Questions with Solution — Product Management

These are the Product Management questions asked in big tech companies.

Shailesh Sharma
2 min readNov 18, 2021


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  1. How would you improve music listening experience on Youtube?
  2. How would you improve shopping experience via Alexa?
  3. How would you improve Netflix?
  4. How would you design a product for moving cities?
  5. How would you design a library for future?
  6. How would you improve Whatsapp?
  7. How would you improve Amazon?
  8. Design Uber for Specially abled People?
  9. How would you improve linkedin?
  10. How would you design a Digital shop?
  11. How would you design a youtube for senior citizens?
  12. How would you improve youtube music?
  13. How would you design toothbrush for young children?
  14. How would you improve Google Maps?
  15. How would you design Elevator for blind people?

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